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    Upward Trajectory

    Ascetic House newsletter 2014

    News from the future for the future.

    So much love.

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  11. Every block is their blackboard
    story, Kay Alsop, Vancouver Sun, March 6, 1976.

    "It was something  new in the way of an alternative school; geared, not to academic dropouts,
    but to students who found regimentation irksome and stifling. And it’s become so flexible in structure that
    timetables, as such, would be incongruous.  Which is not to say that there’s no consideration given to basic learning:
    Mornings follow a kind of pattern, beginning with French conversation, then maths and English. But after that?

    “We’re opportunists,” smiles teacher, Barbara McClatchie, we’ll take advantage of anything happening in the community that can provide a learning experience.

    One week, recently, for instance, they roamed the UBC campus, taking in classes in geology, geography, psychology, embryology …

    They toured the Nitobe Gardens, took in a sketching class and a lecture on telescopes and would up listening to an organ recital on Bach, complete with a graphic explanation of the workings of the organ itself.”

    my hippy highschool.

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